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  • Mr Keith Tan,

    "Marina Bay Sands has given us a lot more confidence that Singapore can be at the forefront of the entire tourism game. We’re no longer playing at the regional level, but at a global level. That has also then stretched Singapore Tourism Board’s ambitions, giving us a lot more confidence that we can stand out as an urban destination.

    We will never have the beaches of Bali or Phuket, and we will never have the mountains of Switzerland. But as an urban destination, we can still stand out from the crowd, differentiate ourselves and be positioned as number one on the bucket lists of anyone who wants to visit the world’s most interesting and vibrant cities.”

    Mr Keith Tan,
    Chief Executive, Singapore Tourism Board
  • Mr Mike Lewis,

    "If I were to describe Marina Bay Sands in one word, ‘iconic’ would be it. As the most prestigious venue in all of South-east Asia, it’s at the top of its game. Its image alone represents the standard of class and wealth of Singapore — as evident from films like Crazy Rich Asians, and every luxury travel show ever made.

    My fondest memories entail the events held at Marina Bay Sands, and my favorite was the regional press junket organised by Sony Pictures for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. It had a red carpet with celebrities Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and Jamie Foxx in attendance. The latter even stopped to say hi to me, adding that he loved my shoes!”

    Mr Mike Lewis,
    Television Personality
  • Ms Lela Luorno,

    "I have been wining and dining at Marina Bay Sands since it opened 10 years ago. Birthday celebrations, anniversaries and the hosting of our visitors to Singapore have taken place there. Without exception, my family, my friends and I have been impressed with the quality of food and level of service — consistent across the many restaurants and bars — that we receive at every occasion. This has been the benchmark upon which not many others are able to match.

    db Bistro, for one, offers fresh, high-quality food, a wonderful selection of wines, champagnes and cocktails, as well as impeccable service from the General Manager down to every team member in the restaurant.”

    Ms Lela Luorno,
    Regular at db Bistro & Oyster Bar
  • Ms Serene Chua,

    "When I think about Marina Bay Sands, the scenic, relaxing ambience of shopping by the waterfront, the personalised relationships with various brands and their staff’s impeccable service come to mind. One of my fondest memories is the Breakfast at Tiffany’s experience, where I got to preview the Tiffany Paper Flowers collection by Tiffany & Co. The attentive and dedicated boutique manager knew I was keen on a pair of exclusive earrings — there was only one available in Singapore at the time — and so had set it aside for me.

    The staff at Versace also deserve mention for the quality of their service. For my birthday party last year, I picked out a pastel Versace outfit for a Candyland theme. Knowing that I would arrive early at the restaurant to ensure that preparations were in order, they came by to surprise me with a bouquet of flowers, and even helped with the decorations. That was truly going above and beyond their duties.”

    Ms Serene Chua,
    Regular at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
  • Mr Fraser Howie,

    "Marina Bay Sands, to me, is world class because it has given Singapore a world-class boost by bringing top restaurants, entertainment and exhibitions to the city.

    As a regular at CUT, I’ve found that it is the best restaurant in Singapore — combining quality food, service, ambience and atmosphere in a way no other place here does. And after 10 years, its quality has never faltered, proving that quality doesn’t age.”

    Mr Fraser Howie,
    Regular at CUT by Wolfgang Puck
  • Ms Sammi Lim,

    "Since Marina Bay Sands opened, I’ve been a regular at The Shoppes. My favourite go-to brands, such as Burberry and Hermès, are available there, and the fact that I enjoy a parking benefit offered by the Discover The Shoppes Programme makes it so convenient to pop in for some shopping, dining and to get my bubble tea fix.

    Waku Ghin has been my consistent favourite and I love that after my favourite dish of Sea Urchin and Salmon Roe Set on Rice, I am able to pay a quick visit to my Sales Associate at Hermès and enjoy some retail therapy.”

    Ms Sammi Lim,
    Regular at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
  • Mr Jian Yang,

    "I visit Marina Bay Sands frequently to shop but for me, it’s primarily about the theatre — I love watching shows there and having a really good dinner after. One of my most memorable experiences with a musical showing there was getting the opportunity to help display the costumes from Wicked — which happens to be my favourite musical — to promote the musical.

    To be able to handle the actual Broadway costumes, and to curate how the public gets to see these treasures, was a dream moment for me. My own collection of Wicked Barbie dolls are now customised with details I saw on the actual costumes, including Glinda’s safety harness on the back of her dress and Elphaba’s plastic cape clip.”

    Mr Jian Yang,
    Owner of the largest collection of Barbie dolls in Asia

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